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The United States Postal Service (USPS) is responsible for providing mail and shipping services and around 220 neighboring countries worldwide. To know when does USPS stops delivery, you have to see the office’s off days and the listed holidays. Starting from every business range, such as the small sectors from the MSME’s and even the large corporate houses, are dependent on the USPS, which is why the service providers are responsible for letting everyone know of any off days. As a USPS customer, you need to be aware of the USPS holidays. People have put into queries like-what are the USPS holidays, when does USPS stop delivery, etc. Here is a detailed explanation of the same.

usps holidays 2021

USPS Holiday 2021:

If you don’t want to get a delayed delivery of important parcels, it will be better for you to know about all the office off-days and holidays. It will help you schedule better and faster deliveries. Here are the special holidays on which the USPS does not deliver.

New Year’s Day: New Year’s Day is observed on January 1 for every year and one of the days when USPS does not deliver. This day is celebrated from all across the world, being the commencement of the near year.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day: Martin Luther King Jr’s birthday was celebrated as a federal day for everyone living in the United States. It is marked on the third Monday of January for every year.

Washington’s Birthday: Washington’s Birthday is celebrated as a federal holiday in the whole of the United States. It is commemorated on the third Monday of every February, an incomplete honor of George Washington.

Memorial Day: Memorial Day is even celebrated as a federal holiday in the US. This day is celebrated in the military men’s name in honoring and mourning for those who died toiling in the United States Armed Forces.

Independence Day: Independence Day is celebrated as one of the most notable federal holidays in the United States, memorating the declaration of independence of the U. S

Labour Day: Labour Day is celebrated as a federal holiday in the United States and marks the first Monday’s presentation in September.

Columbus Day: Columbus Day is also celebrated as a federal holiday in the United States and even a national holiday in many countries apart from America. The official celebration of Columbus’s arrival in the American October 12, 1492 anniversary is celebrated on this date.

Veterans Day: Veterans Day is also celebrated as a federal holiday in America and observed on November 11, respecting and honoring every single troop member in the American Forces.

Thanksgiving Day: Thanksgiving Day is a worldwide celebration, and it’s celebrated on different dates from all around the world.

Christmas Day: Christmas Day is celebrated on December 25.  

USPS Holiday Schedule:


Day Date Holiday Name
Friday January 1, 2021 New Year’s Day
Monday January 18, 2021 Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
Monday February 15, 2021 Washington’s Birthday
Monday May 31, 2021 Memorial Day
Monday July 5, 2021 Independence Day
Monday September 6, 2021 Labor Day
Monday October 11, 2021 Columbus Day
Thursday November 11, 2021 Veterans Day
Thursday November 25, 2021 Thanksgiving Day
Friday December 24, 2021 Christmas Day

It is important to note when does USPS stops delivery by taking a look into these holidays. Also, as per Federal rules, a holiday falling on Saturday is observed on the preceding Friday. If a festival falls on Sunday, then it is celebrated on the succeeding Monday.

Here we cover all questions related to USPS holidays. Here are a few questions for which you can check the holiday schedule of USPS.

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