UPS Package Handler Job Detail, Salary & Working Hours

Suppose keen on beginning a UPS profession, an extraordinary section level situation to consider is the bundle controller work. Liable for significantly more than merely stacking and emptying bundles, this position assumes a vital part in the proceeded of this business’s achievement.

The guide underneath will talk about the UPS bundle controller’s expected set of responsibilities and cover the essential obligations and other significant components identifying with this position. Let’s get started:

UPS package handler

UPS Package Handler job Description:

For individuals who flourish in a clamoring workplace, being a UPS bundle controller might be the ideal fit. This expert is answerable for guaranteeing that conveyances get stuck into the right trucks. Also, this position assumes a vital part in the achievement of the organization’s conveyance business.

What does the UPS package Handle Do?

The most significant employment obligations are related to the UPS bundled controller. Working responsibilities identify with stacking and emptying conveyance trucks as they show up and plan for takeoff from the handling community. This worker needs to meet the organization’s protected bundle by taking care of norms consistently.

Moreover, they will likewise be working on a wide assortment of automated hardware to help with immense bundle development:

  1. Burden bundles into conveyance trucks.
  2. Hold fast to the organization’s safe fortune dealing with norms consistently.
  3. Empty trucks as they show up and guarantee piles put away accurately.
  4. Continuously follow appropriate postal steering rules.
  5. Work mechanical gear to move more oversized bundle shipments.

Is the UPS Package Handler Job Hectic?

An average day for a bundle overseer can include a wide range of occupations. I am a loader. I load different trucks a day and bob from truck to truck as I am required. Likewise, some different positions are viewing as bundle overseers are little sorters who manage little bundles and sort them into assigned sacks, unloaders who empty the trucks, and regs, which are individuals that handle the sporadic bundles and over 70lbs bundles.

You get up late in the early evening from working as the night progressed. Your initial not many days, you will be sore. It’s a genuinely requesting position. You’ll go to evening classes, on the off chance that you have them, eat, hang out and do schoolwork, and afterward head to work. You’ll work somewhere in the range of 3 to 8 hours, yet you’ll generally do a 5 or 6 hour night.

Working Hours of UPS Package Handler:

UPS bundle controllers typically work Monday through Friday with shifts going from early mornings to early nights. With this position, note that move times can and will differ marginally with every day. It is because of the continually advancing nature of the business. Hours can go somewhere in the range of 20 to 40 hours every week, dependent on their business status.

Likewise, they may need to work intermittent extra time during top business periods. The most widely recognized time for this to happen is around Thanksgiving and Christmas. Additional bustling periods may likewise incorporate well-known occasion deals occasions like Presidents Day.

UPS Package Handler Salary And Pay

The average beginning compensation for a UPS bundle overseer is somewhere in the range of $11 and $13 60 minutes. This position may get qualified for certain profitability rewards during critical operational periods consistently. The UPS package handler hourly pay may differ according to the work that you perform.

Notwithstanding its base pay, this business offers a broad scope of advantages to qualified representatives. A few instances of its benefits incorporate medical coverage, take care of time, and a 401k. Besides, they additionally offer educational cost repayment anticipates particular sorts of degrees.

UPS Package Handler Review:

For the ordinary starting pay for a UPS group administrator or the UPS, a part-time package handler salary is in the scope of $11 and $12 an hour. This position may get equipped for certain gainfulness compensations during critical operational periods reliably.

Despite its base compensation, this business offers a vast extent of points of interest to qualified agents. A couple of cases of its points of interest join clinical inclusion, dealing with time, and a 401k. Moreover, they also offer instructive cost reimbursement foresees specific kinds of degrees.


So this was all, and we endeavor to explain how UPS whole working criteria, and we even discussed various aspects of it. We believe our assistance was helpful to you and now you are aware in detail of the UPS package handler job. Moreover, let us know in the comment territory underneath about how empowered you are regarding this whole working process of UPS. Also, what is your understanding of it? Moreover, do this educational piece of staying in contact with your friends and family who might be happy to get this.


How much does a part-time package handler make an hour at UPS?

Usually, the part-time package handler at UPS makes 12 dollars per hour. It can vary from 11-13$ per hour for a part-time package handler at UPS.

Do UPS package Handler get paid every week?

Yes, the UPS package handler gets paid every week on Thursday. The payment method for the package handler is very efficient.

Can you work 2 shifts at UPS?

Yes, You can work 2 shifts at UPS if there a lack of staff at work.

How long do you have to be a package handler at UPS?

To become a full-time employee of UPS, you have 10 years of experience at UPS.

Is it easy to get hired at UPS?

Yes. It is a very easy process to get hired at UPS because they take interviews in bulk. You have to follow some simple process to get hired at UPS.

How many hours a week does a UPS package handler work?

It is not fixed how many hours a week does a UPS package handler work. sometimes it can be 15-20 hours per week but at peak sessions, it can be 25 hours a week.

Do UPS package handlers get drug tested?

No, UPS doesn’t conduct a drug test unless you are selected for the driver position or some higher position.

Do UPS package handlers wear uniforms?

No, UPS package handlers do not need to wear any kind of uniform. They can wear anything which is suitable for them but it is necessary to wear boots at the working place.

Does UPS offer benefits for part-time?

YES, UPS offers benefits for their part-time employee like medicare care and hospitalization facility.


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