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We all know that UPS officials keep on working together to come up with new features and services for their customers. UPS is one of the most extensive mailing services in the world. It has its staff to deliver the packages at their respective addresses. United Parcel Service provides us with many facilities. In this article, we will learn about the notary services of UPS.

UPS Notary Service

What is UPS Notary Service?

Some documents need to be notarized so that they have a legal effect. The notary services provided by the United Parcel Service make our life comfortable. When our documents get notarized, the UPS center helps us to get the necessary that are needed and to ship them to the right place. The United Parcel Service has more than thousands of drivers who deliver our parcels every day all over the world. UPS has always tried to solve our problems as soon as possible.

Why is the Need For Document Notarization?

A notarized document helps us to verify that you are the person who is signing the document. The primary purpose of notarization is to prevent any documents related to fraud. It also identifies any theft by preventing a person from presenting any forged document.

The different documents that need to be notarized:

The various kinds of documents that require notarization are:

  • Wills
  • Deeds
  • Trusts
  • Affidavits
  • Contracts

However, UPS stores do not offer the service to notarize the 1-9 Employment eligibility verification forms or wills. You must contact the UPS officials beforehand if you want information about the I-9 Employment Eligibility form or Will notarized.

Schedule Appointment For UPS Notary:

You must take a valid and legal photo ID during your visit to the UPS store for notary purposes. Some documents require some witnesses with the notarization. You can ask for all the details from the UPS store officials before taking the UPS notary appointment. UPS always makes it easy with its services to manage our business.

How Much do UPS Charge For a Notary?

Most of the time, the UPS notary fee or charges are between $2 and $20 per signature. Additional fees are charged separately for mobile notaries for making the trip according to your location. Some states limit the maximum costs of the trip. Overall the fees are kept very reasonable. The charges also vary according to the different states.

You can also keep track of the time of delivery of your parcels by using the tracking number. Your local UPS store is most probably the only place that will provide you with cheap notary services. For $25, your documents will get notarized through an online process. UPS costs $30 for walk-in and a few dollars if you schedule an appointment.

UPS Notary Hours:                                          

You can get the documents notarized in around 5 minutes without even leaving your home or office. It can be achieved by connecting with the commissioned notary public through a live video. This process will help you to skip the process of finding a notary near you, and UPS officials can access any type of critical situation and find a solution for various kinds of issues. The UPS office also handles the complaints related to employee behavior or late mails.

Many other courier services in the world will deliver your parcel at your doorstep but, United Parcel Service tracking is known to have one of the best services. We hope that this article was a great help and gave you a lot of information about UPS notary services. UPS provides shipment by air, ground, and even chartered plane. You can even choose some special services for extra security in case of the delivery of some valuable items.


Do ups do car title notary?

Yes, You can visit the local UPS store for this service.

Does UPS notarize a power of attorney?

Yes, You can avail of the facility from UPS.

Can UPS notarize a marriage license?

Yes, UPS notarizes the marriage license.


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