UPS Holidays 2021 | Holidays Schedule

If you are eager to know about the UPS holiday schedule in 2021, this article will provide you with detailed information. Holidays are an important part of the UPS schedule of services. The post offices situated in the United States receive all the mails between the timings of 4.00 am to 6.00 pm. These packages are then transferred to the various courier service officials at around 8.00 am.

After this process, the courier services start the delivery of packages to their respective destinations. The tracking number of the package is also present on the mail receipt. The mail receipt is proof of the delivery and is given to you by the post office officials when you submit the parcel for its delivery.

UPS is a renowned courier company in the United States. It has one of the largest chains of logistics all around the world. UPS and its officials deliver around 15 million of the package all around the world. Since we have come to the end of this year, the UPS officials need to know the next years’ holiday schedule to provide you with a smooth delivery service.

UPS holidays 2021

UPS Holidays 2021:


Date Holiday Day
Jan 1 2021 New year day Friday
Jan 18 2021 Martin Luther king day Monday
Feb 15 2021 President’s day Monday
May 31 2021 Memorial day Monday
July 4 2021 Independence day Sunday
July 5 2021 Independence day(observed) Monday
Sep 6 2021 Labor day Monday
October 11 2021 Columbus day Monday
November 11 2021 Veterans day Thursday
November 25 2021 Thanksgiving day Thursday
Dec 24 2021 Christmas day(observed) Friday
Dec 25 2021 Christmas day Saturday
Dec 31 2021 New year’s day(observed) Friday


This holiday calendar is very useful if you own or work in an eCommerce business company. It will be very helpful for you in delivering your packages. You can take reference from this calendar and schedule your shipments accordingly. You can even get a printout of this calendar and paste it into your office. Knowing the dates of holidays in advance will help you avoid many problems in delivering goods or packages.

UPS Holidays Schedule 2021:

Saturday is a working day for the United Parcel Service Agency only for a limited time. These are specific days of holidays during which the services are kept closed. Sunday is a fixed holiday for the UPS officials. With the help of this calendar, you can manage and customize your shipments of the UPS. You must not expect any courier on these holidays. You can even call the customer care service officials at UPS to know more about the holidays in detail. The United Parcel Service or mostly called the UPS, provides us many facilities.

You can even check and review the status of your package at any time of the day.

Follow these steps to check the status of your package:

  • Sign up for UPS My Choice.
  • After you complete your sign up for UPS My Choice, you will receive daily updates about your packages from the UPS officials.
  • You can even change the location and other details of the delivery of your package through this service.
  • There is also a mobile application available for IOS and android phones. Through this application, you can receive notifications of the delivery of your packages.

Many other courier services deliver your parcels and packages to your home, but United Parcel Service or UPS is known to have one the best customer services. We hope that this article was a great help and gave you a lot of information about when does UPS stop delivery.


What holidays are UPS closed?

UPS is Closed on holidays mention above in this article. You can check all holidays on which UPS doesn’t work.

What days are UPS closed 2021?

There are many days on which UPS remains Closed like independence day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Thanksgiving Day, Veterans Day, Christmas Day, New Year, Memorial Day, President’s day, King Martin Luther Day.


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