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You can take the help of UPS to solve any of your problems related to the shipments. You can contact the customer care officials at UPS or can send an email regarding any question or issue. In this article, we will talk about the UPS Claims and how to file a claim with ups.

What is the UPS Claim?

There are many cases that we experience when we receive a parcel or a package in a damaged condition. In this case, a user needs to file a UPS Damage claim. In some cases, our parcel can also get misplaced. In this case, a user needs to file a UPS lost package claim. There are many guidelines which we need to follow to file a claim against UPS.

When Can I File a UPS Claim?

Conditions for filing a claim: 

  • Damaged or missing parts: a user can file a claim if he/she receives a damaged parcel or a parcel with some missing pieces. He/she can file a claim within 60 days after the mailing date through the UPS claim form. You must check your doors and surroundings of your house before filing a claim. You must also check whether someone has retrieved the parcel or not. After verifying all the conditions, you must go forward to file a claim. You can also initiate a UPS claim if you receive a damaged parcel.

UPS Freight Claim, How does it Work?

You can also change the locations of the delivery through this service. You can also download the mobile app for your IOS and android phones to receive notifications of the delivery of your packages.

If you want UPS to help you find your package, you must provide all its details to the UPS officials. Today, we will tell you everything about the process of filing a claim.

  • Contact Information of the consignee: the contact information of the consignee must include the consignee’s name, phone number, address, and email address. It will provide you with the status updates and all the details of your parcels.
  • Date of collection
  • Weight of the package
  • Description of the problem
  • The number of damaged or lost packages
  • The tracking number of the package

How To File UPS Claim?

The detailed package information includes:

Merchandise Information: Provide the product name, brand name, serial numbers, colour, and quantity of the package.

Documentation of the photo: If you receive a damaged item, then upload the pictures of the damaged item. You can also upload the dimensions of the box. The formats of the photo can be:

  • .JPG
  • .JPEG
  • .TIF
  • .TIFF
  • .BMP
  • .DOCX
  • .PNG

You must identify your role before filing a claim:

  • Shipper/Sender: The person who has shipped the package and for which a claim is requested.
  • Consignee or Receiver: The person who has received the package for which a claim is requested.
  • Appointed Representative of the shipper: He / She is the person who processes the claims for the sender.
  • Third-Party: Any other person who has an interest in the claim or has a connection to the shipment or billing.

To File a UPS claim

  1. visit the UPS official website
  2.  Go to the Claim section

UPS claim

  1. Fill the complete detail regarding claim
  2. After this you will reach the state where you will see “your claim has been updated”
  3.  Go to the payment section and provide the exact price of your package and cost for repairing.
  4. Submit your claim

How Long Does the UPS Claim Take?

Once you have filed a claim, it takes an average of 10 days. In case of a damaged item, keep the damaged item safe until your problem gets resolved. It takes around 10 to 15 days to complete the process of investigation of the claim. Once the investigation gets complete, you will receive an email at your required email address. UPS inspects the packages that are damaged and verify the proper packing materials.

If you cannot fax your claims documents due to some problems, you can also you’re your documents through mail to the address that is present on your Damage or Loss Notification Letter. The payments of the UPS claim are sent to the address that is given to the UPS shipper. The UPS insurance claim is just like a UPS insurance policy that will provide you with the value of a lost or damaged package.

How to Check UPS Claim Status?

  • Claim issued: This means that the UPS claim was issued and sent to the shipper.
  • Claim Reported: The photos that you have submitted are successfully uploaded to the claim.
  • Claim Review in Progress: This means that your claim is in review status.
  • Claim Review Complete: This means that the claim investigation has been completed.
  • Claim not approved: This means that UPS needs more information to complete the investigation of the UPS claim.
  • Claim paid: This means that the payment has been issued for the claim.

UPS Claim Phone Number:

In the case of the heavyweight shipments that are more than 150 lbs, the below mentioned phone numbers are helpful:

  • Less than truckload shipments (more than 150 lbs): 800-333-7400
  • Truckload shipments (more than 12,000 lbs): 888-682-4652
  • Air Freight shipments (more than 150 lbs): 800-443-6379
  • Ocean Freight shipments: 800-350-8440


What happens if UPS damages your package?

If UPS damages your package then according to the UPS policy it protects your domestic and international package with 100$ without the declaration of the package value. If your package expensive than 100$ then you will have to provide the exact value of your package to the UPS service otherwise you will get a compensation of 100$ for each package.

How does UPS insurance claim work?

UPS insurance work like other insurance policy where it covers the true value of your package like if your package got damaged or lost, It provides the complete value of your package without the shipper having to prove that the carrier was liable.

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