Does UPS Deliver on Sunday?

The United Parcel Service Agency is also known as UPS. The UPS and its officials always provide the best and affordable services to its customers. It strives to make the lives of the customers more easy and comfortable. You can anytime take the help of the UPS policies and officials to solve your problems related to the parcel delivery or shipments.

The tracking system of UPS helps you to know detailed information about your package. You can just enter the tracking number in the tracking portal to check its status of delivery. The tracking number is present on the receipt of the shipment or the mail. There are many people who want to know at what time UPS stops delivery on Sunday and its further details.

UPS Sunday Delivery

UPS Sunday Delivery:

UPS does not deliver on Sundays. It delivers packages from Monday to Friday. The reason for not delivering the packages on Sundays is that there is very little demand for deliveries on this day. Therefore, working on Sundays is not considered a good option for United Parcel Service. UPS also allows you to choose a service for the security of packages in case of some valuable or expensive items.

Does UPS Deliver on Sunday?

As already told, UPS does not deliver on Sundays. In case of urgent or important deliveries, you can use the Express Critical Service that is created by the United Parcel Service. It is a special service that you can use for time-sensitive and urgent deliveries.

This is considered an urgent transportation service for UPS. It is available for many types of packages. The United Parcel Service has a different team of officials for this special type of delivery service.

What are the UPS Sunday Delivery Hours?

Due to not demand, there is no point in opening the United Parcel Service on Sundays. UPS provides the delivery and shipment services by air, the ground, and even the chartered plane.

You can follow the below-given steps to find out which UPS store is not closed on Sunday.

  • Go to the main website of UPS.
  • Select the option of UPS locations.
  • Enter the details of the package and location.
  • Select the find button on the screen.
  • Choose the icon on the map on the screen to find the hours and time of your location.

Does UPS Ground Deliver on Sunday?

UPS ground Packages are usually delivered from Monday to Friday. The timings of delivery are between 9.00 am and 7.00 pm.

Follow the below-given steps if you want to use the weekend services that are provided by the UPS officials:

  • Properly pack your items and packages. You can ask for help from the officials and the staff members present at the United Parcel Service.
  • Always make sure that the United Parcel Service delivers parcels to your desired destination.
  • Make sure that your item is not on the restricted list of items.
  • Choose the correct service of delivery.
  • Give the details of the parcel while delivery is being processed.
  • Also, select a pickup point.
  • You can even track your shipment by using the tracking number present on the receipt.


You can get all the detailed information about your package and its delivery status through the UPS official portal. You have now seen that UPS has many features and services for the convenience of its customers. You must also cooperate with the officials of the United Parcel Service for a smooth experience. In this article, we have tried to give all the important information about the UPS Sunday delivery hours and does UPS operates on Sunday.


Why does UPS not deliver on Sunday?

There is a reason for not delivering on Sunday. The reason is customer demand, as the customer demand on Sunday is very less so UPS does work on Sunday.

Does UPS operate on Sunday?

No, UPS doesn’t work on Sunday.

Does UPS operate on Sunday?

No, UPS doesn’t operate on Sunday

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